Drawing from a wide range of influences and production, the 9giants sound is a high-energy mixture of electronics, guitars, loops, beats, and samples.

9giants records and produces all of their music at their world-class studio facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mark Matson (Electronics) has engineered and produced music for Sheryl Crow, Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show, Kristine W, Jersey Boys, Activision, and Wayne Newton.

9giants also films and produces their music videos.

“All of us are really into sci-fi, music, film, TV and technology. We love to create in all mediums. We are fortunate to have the ability to explore all avenues of creativity, whether it is writing music or filming music videos.” says Hulstedt “We have surrounded ourselves with highly-creative people who we care about and are having a great time doing what we love.”


Eric Hulstedt – Vocals/Guitar

Mark Matson – Electronics

David Plagman – Guitar

Jim Hornaday – Bass/Keyboards/Guitar

Greg Naylor – Drums


9giants uses Egnater Amplifiers, Gretsch Guitars, Gig-FX Pedals, and Steve Clayton Picks.